Do you want to lift your company | department | team to the next level?

Are you looking for further development that makes a difference?

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Every organization is different.

People shape cultures and cultures shape people.

When individual skills are changed, an organization also changes and vice versa.

A development program should therefore be well thought out in order to achieve long-term success.

Don't leave the success of further development to chance.

Based on a needs analysis, we put together suitable development measures for your area, department or team.

We take care of the planning and implementation, and provide you with regular feedback.

With our highly qualified trainers, coaches, facilitators and presenters, we will also find the right mix of workshops, training, mentoring or coaching for your needs:

  • on-site
  • live online
  • at the training center

We are increasingly moving in a digitalized world towards "self-managing organizations": agile, fast and flexible - also in education and development!


How we support

You | Your team | Your organization

You won't get one-size-fits-all!

We will talk to you, see which recipes are suitable for you, and with which experts from our network you can advance your further development. Find out more about our dishes and let us put together YOUR buffet.

The basis for evolution in companies is our accumulated knowledge, especially in our turbulent, project-heavy times, e.g. knowledge management, in combination with creativity, becomes a driver for innovation.

Individual competence develop-ment is a large part of our offer, be it to develop e.g. managers in the CREATIONCulture Masterclass or to implement, build up or develop a PMO (Project Management Office) according to demand.

Who, other than the people in your organization can tell you where to go? Ask your employees for their ideas and develop together, collective intelligence beats expert knowledge. Let's #participate.


Make the potentials of all participants visible and unfold them, thus creating an environment of true collaboration.



THE CONNECTING DOT was founded by Evelin and Mona, collaborating with a selected team of workshop leaders and experts as a network.

Equipped with many years of experience in selling solutions and developing training programs, we set out in 2020 to find a different way of working with customers and network partners that is equally enjoyable for everyone.


Our Strength lies in the Team

Yes, all this would not be possible with two of us. We work with a team of selected workshop leaders, trainers and business partners.

You can find more information about our network partners here.